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Attention Lake Lovers! Great Opportunity for a Lakefront Mini-Farm or Estate!

Attention Lake Lovers! Great Opportunity for a Lakefront Mini-Farm or Estate!

Attention lake lovers, here is a great opportunity for a lakefront mini-farm or estate. This 15.68 ac tract offers you approximately 198′ of lake frontage and could be a beautiful gentleman’s farm or gated estate. Take a look today!

Wes Shields
The Shields Team

1033 Hamilton Place
Johnson City, TN 37604


(423) 896-1232

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155 Hughes St, Johnson City – OPEN HOUSE 12/8 2-4 PM!

OPEN HOUSE, December 08, Sunday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
155 Hughes, Johnson City, TN
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2 BATHROOMS (2 full)

All brick three bedroom two bath ranch on a large lot in Johnson City.

This Move-in ready home offers its new owners lots of room to grow with a full unfinished basement and a huge yard for the kids.

The current owners have recently replaced the flooring, added new paint, remodeled the kitchen and repainted the basement. Make time to see this one today!!

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5 Tips For The Best Home Showings

Home routines tend to come to a standstill while your home is on the market. The need to keep the house clean – and not scare potential homebuyers away – means that kids can’t throw their school books on the dining room table, Dad has to pick up his stinky socks, and even the pets need to toe the line.

Keeping the house clean is a good first step toward presenting the home in the best light. But it isn’t the only step.

1. Odors

Have you ever walked into a home and been immediately assaulted by nasty odors? Cigarettes, grease, cooking odors, diapers and pets all leave their mark on the way a home smells. While it’s almost impossible to rid the home of cigarette smoke without painting, there are ways to get rid of other odors.

Have the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized.

Launder or dry-clean all curtains and drapes.

Consider having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned.

Clean the grease from the range hood.

Keep the dog bathed and groomed to keep doggy smells at bay.

Place dishes of potpourri or scented candles in random areas throughout the home.

2. Sounds

Like the smell of a favorite perfume, we become habituated to certain things, including sounds. If you’ve ever lived under a flight path or next to railroad tracks, you understand how quickly one can get used to annoying sounds and not even hear them after a while. Strangers in your home, such as potential buyers, will hear the yappy dog next door, however, so here are some tips to mask the noises in your home.

Play some music, softly, while the home is being shown.

Invest in a white noise machine.

Play a sound-effects CD softly in the background.

3. Sights

Light and bright are the operative words when considering the ideal way to present your home to buyers.

Change all the light bulbs in the home to higher wattage bulbs. Leave the lights on for showings, including closet lights.

Paint the walls. If you can’t paint, clean the walls.

Remove heavy drapes and replace them with lightweight fabric that allows natural light into the home.

Don’t neglect the outside of the house. Before a showing, make sure that the planting beds look clean and attractive and that the lawn is mowed.

4. Set the Scene

If you’ve ever toured model homes, you are familiar with the concept of staging – the art of carefully crafting interiors that appeal to homebuyers. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a professional designer, make some simple changes that appeal to buyers.

Create vignettes throughout the home. Set the dining room table with attractive dinnerware or create a cozy nook in the bedroom with a small table and chairs. Group items in threes, use different heights, and keep it simple.

Fresh flowers add so much to a home, from masking odors to adding pops of color and texture. A gorgeous bouquet on the dining room table can take the place of a fussy centerpiece. Night stands are ideal places to set small vases of flowers.

Bathrooms are important, so pay close attention to how you stage yours. Get rid of the countertop clutter and add fluffy towels and a new shower curtain.

5. Security

Since sellers should make themselves scarce when the home is being shown, it’s important to take security measures. Lock up or remove valuables, weapons, prescription drugs and money.

Don’t leave personal items – especially paperwork with your financial information – lying around in plain sight.

Whatever you can do to make your home appear move-in ready will appeal to buyers. Tour some new home communities for more ideas and inspiration so that your home shows like a model.

Source: http://www.tricityrealestateforsale.com/miarticles/articleid/117/

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212 Scott Lane, Jonesborough – OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY 11/24 FROM 2-4 PM!!

OPEN HOUSE, November 24, Sunday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
212 Scott Lane, Jonesborough, TN
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$ Click for current price
1 BATHROOMS (1 full)


Gorgeous one level living.


The entry will take your breath away.

High ceilings, large open space, bright and cheery. Neutral light colors and wonderful floor plan. Two bedrooms and bath on North side of the house. Master suite on the other end. Sun-room opens up off of the Master as well as great room. White kitchen, full basement with future growth for kitchen (plumbing is there), 2 bedrooms, full bath and den. Great space. The yard is level and large. A really great property at a great price.

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Factors Affecting Mortgage Interest Rate Changes

There’s more to the cost of owning that dream home than the price the seller is asking for. The interest rate on your mortgage loan affects the price and how much you’ll pay every month to your mortgage company.

Comparing mortgage interest rates is important because they may change daily, and different rates may be associated with different types of loans. With variable-rate or adjustable-rate mortgages, it is understood from the outset that the loan’s interest rate will change over time, becoming higher or lower depending on the current economic climate.

Let’s look at why mortgage interest rates fluctuate so frequently.

The Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve System (“The Fed”), although considered our country’s central banking system, is independent of the federal government. In essence, the Fed controls the movement of money throughout the U.S. financial system.

The Federal Reserve System is composed of a Board of Governors and 12 Federal Reserve Banks, spread throughout the country. The seven members of the Board of Governors, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and four other reserve bank presidents serve on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the policy-making body that determines, among other things, the interest rate charged to commercial banks.

The FOMC controls inflation by tightening or loosening the country’s money supply. One way they do this is by raising interest rates to control inflation. When borrowing money costs more, consumers tend to shy away from taking out loans, hopefully leading to lower prices.

By the same token, lower interest rates encourage consumers to borrow and spend, which in turn boosts the economy. Overall, the fluctuations in mortgage interest rates reflect an attempt to keep a balance in the economy, and to prevent inflation without bringing the economy into a recession.

Mortgage Investors and Changing Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve is not the only player affecting changing mortgage rates. To create more money to lend, banks often sell their loans on the secondary market, now controlled by the federal government. Banks and other mortgage lenders sell mortgage-backed securities to investors. The return on investment for these investors is generated by interest paid by mortgage holders on their loans. For the investors to realize a return, banks must charge a higher interest rate.

Homebuyers (the mortgage loan borrowers) want low interest rates on their mortgages. This force drives interest rates back down. In addition, when investors know rates are going to drop, they purchase these securities, increasing demand and eventually sending interest rates back down. Banks must balance these two opposing forces, and the resulting push-and-pull drives mortgage interest rates.

The Effect of Changing Mortgage Interest Rates on Loans

Though they are locked-in once the application process is completed, fixed-rate mortgage rates are constantly changing. Interest rates for variable-rate loans fluctuate as well, and continue to change throughout the term of the loan. Another impact on interest rates occurs when lower interest rates attract homeowners wishing to refinance their mortgages.

While all of this may seem complicated to the average homebuyer, an awareness of what drives interest rate changes can help you know when the ideal time has arrived to apply for a loan.

Source: http://www.tricityrealestateforsale.com/miarticles/articleid/120/

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Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights

10608SUB2843The roar of engines is replaced with the twinkling of more than two million lights during Bristol Motor Speedway’s annual Speedway in Lights, which begins this Friday, November 15, 2013. The over four-mile driving route includes a drive through the legendary Thunder Valley and a drive on the World’s Fastest Half-Mile, at a leisurely pace. Along the way, visitors by the thousands come to enjoy hundreds of the displays each holiday season.

Ice skating and a festive Christmas Village, complete with Santa photo ops, add to the fun.

The Bristol Motor Speedway puts on this spectacular show every year to benefit programs and organizations supporting the needs of children in the Tri-Cities region.

This event is great for the entire family!

The Shields Team



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Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom on a budget requires careful thought and more elbow grease, so to speak, than simply going out and buying whatever you want at the first place you see it. Still, it can be done. Certain strategies will help keep you from going over budget.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you plan your bathroom renovation.

Have a Clear Idea

Know exactly what you want before you start. Indecision can actually cost you more money. Forming a vision of what you want and sticking to the project plan prevents you from overspending on “just one more thing,” purchasing things hastily without considering what you realistically have to spend. Pay attention to other bathrooms, look at area homes on parade or search online for pictures to get ideas.

Work Up a Budget

Perhaps you’ve read that people with written goals are more likely to achieve them. Budgets are much the same. When it’s on paper, it’s more real, and you’re more likely to compare what you’re spending against what your limit is. And be realistic. First, look at your disposable income and determine what you can safely spend to get the job done. Next, add up your costs for each item you will need. Estimate on the high side of costs to ensure you don’t go over budget. Finally, keep a journal documenting your budget and actual purchases.

Do it Yourself

Labor typically costs half – or more – of the total cost for a remodel. Beware of cheap labor as well: Generally, you get what you pay for. Of course, for certain jobs, such as rewiring or complicated structural work, you may need to hire a professional. Check references and investigate the company or individual, and get a written estimate and guarantee before the work is done. Whenever possible, DIY instead.

Comparison Shop

Impulse buying often results in getting something you don’t need and paying more than necessary. Consider your various options before purchasing items, especially high-dollar items. Look at various stores and possibly even online. What you spend in gas or shipping might just be less than what it costs at the local retailer. Also, don’t forget about reclaimed and recycled items or modifying what you already have. Refinishing a bathtub, for instance, costs less than a new one. Re-grouting old tile may give it a new lease on life and allow you to put your money toward other items. Even using reclaimed wood or tiles, for example, or moving an old dresser into the bathroom and setting it up as a vanity, will save a lot of money and provide your bathroom a distinctive touch. Don’t be afraid to try the unusual if it works.


Be realistic about your abilities and prioritize the important things first. Rotten or soft woodwork, flooring, plumbing problems and various safety issues must come first. After that, look at important cosmetic considerations. Is the lighting poor? Are the windows far from energy efficient? Does the room or ceiling honestly need a new coat of paint? These things will detract from the most clever room remodels and make your bathroom look and feel shabby.

Source:  http://www.tricityrealestateforsale.com/miarticles/zip/37669/

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